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The Camping Units

All our units are made at our premises in Wooler, Northumberland. The products we use are all sourced from businesses within the UK, even our upholstery is made upstairs with our very own in house upholsterer.


The units are all made from Vohringer ply, which is made specifically for camper van interiors, it is lightweight, easy to keep clean and looks great. Our units are hard wearing but lightweight and can be lifted in and out by one person*.


The camping units are designed to be used with the middle row of seats left in, as this is where the bed board lies down to give you your bed, we can however accommodate those with vans or those who have there middle seats removed with an extra supporting leg, which then removes the need for the row of seats and gives you extra storage space underneath the bed for bags, suitcases and folding chairs.

The units are available in 4 types of board finish. 

  • Graphite Pine

  • Driftwood

  • Elm Driftwood

  • Silver Birch

Please see each individual page for photos of the unit finishes.

The Getaway

The Getaway is our most popular camping unit. The two pods on either side gives you plenty of storage room for your equipment. Click the link below for prices and options.

The Trekka

The Trekka is our latest model to come out for 2018. It is a lot more user friendly and gives you more options for ease of use and simpler living.


The Sportsman

The Sportsman is the perfect partner to accompany you on you travels if you are camping alone. It allows the buyer the extra space at the side of the unit for your bike, a dog or just your camping things. Please click the link to find out about this excellent unit


Window Boxes

Our window boxes are a great addition to your camping set up, made using the same exact furniture board as our camping units. click below for further info

Our units fit the following vehicles
Peugeot Partner - Citroen Berlingo
Renault Kangoo
Fiat Doblo
Volkswagen Caddy (maxi)
Peugeot Rifter
Citroen Berlingo
Vauxhall Combo Life

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