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We are a family business based in Wooler, Northumberland, only 20 mins from the most northerly town in England of Berwick upon Tweed. Family is a big thing in our life, so much so that we named ourselves after our three daughters Rachel, Emma and Daisy.

Camping has been a major part of my life from heading away as a young child with my parents in our caravan and then later on in our motor home, setting off on my motorbike with my tent and other things off to to the Isle of Man to watch the yearly TT, up until i started a family of my own in 2005 and enjoying the family fun of camping again.

What I love about camping is the freedom to explore new places, spend time with similar minded people and actually live a simpler life away from the modern technologies such as televisions and other electronic gadgets. It is such a more healthy way of living and there is nothing more satisfying than hearing the rain battering down on the roof of your van whilst you sit cosy and warm inside, I find it quite therapeutic!

R.E.D Campers

As well as our popular camping units that we make here in Wooler, we also offer full camper van conversions at affordable prices. We have an extensive range of interior finishes for to choose from, such as the finish on your units, to the cushion colour and material on your bed. 

 We can;

  • Buy and fit poptops.

  • Fit windows.

  • Make your units to your preference of design and colour.

  • Line, insulate and carpet the interior.

  • We can also get your front seats upholstered to match your bed.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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