The Trekka

The Trekka design came out in 2018. 

This unit is a lot more user friendly, with more options for ease of use.

The Trekka works exactly the same as the Getaway unit, there is more leg space around the table area, the drawer is a lot bigger than the Getaway and includes a lift up lid, which gives you access to the storage area when the tail gate or rear door is closed. One more unique optional extra for the Trekka is the split level back board which allows one person to continue to sit up if they wish whilst another person can lie down and rest. The unit comes with locking clamps on either side of the rear of the unit, this stops the unit moving or sliding around whilst in transit, they can be tighten or slackened with a spanner.


When folded up it sits very neatly in the boot of your car and gives you free use of the middle row of seats, when its time for the unit to be used simply fold down the middle row of seat so the lie flat, then fold out the bed boards and the last board fits into the headrest on the front seats ( you may have to wind the front seats forward to get the ideal position for sitting), to create the sitting up position and to make the boards into a bed, you may have to pull your front seats up and then lie the last board down into the foot wells behind the front seats.


For the Trekka unit in your choice of finish and a set of fabric cushions in your choice of either blue or grey colour the price is £950 or on its own without cushions the price is £650. The Trekka comes with the split bed board as standard, this allows one person to sit up whilst another lies down or if you are travelling on your own, this allows you to leave the bed in position and use the drivers side of the unit as the sitting up postion, this allows for minimal setting up once you are sited on your pitch.


Window blackout blinds are available to add to your order, made to your vehicles model and year, priced at £110.

Driftwood Trekka
Driftwood Trekka with Blue/black Cushions
Sitting position
Driftwood Trekka with blue/black cushions showing pull out drawer
Split bed boards
Trekka showing split back board
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Grey Zebrano & blue Cushions
Trekka unit packed up in the boot
Driftwood Trekka, Grey Cushions
Trekka Driftwood & Grey Cushions
Trekka driftwood & Grey Cushions
Driftwood Trekka with bed in position an
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